Most Effective Dating Tips For Men

Men who go out for dates want to look and act at their best, and are sometimes pressured to keep their girl while dating. Now, if you want the apple of your eyes stick with you like a bubble gum until the end of your date. I’ve put together this mini-encyclopedia of Dating Tips for Men.

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Observe proper hygiene. This is one of the basic rules in going on a date. I bet, you can never find in this world to date with you if you stink like a garbage can. Clean yourself not just from head to toe as well as your wardrobe and foot wear.

Wear appropriately. According to my girl friends, majority of them say that if a guy has a good sense and taste of style in fashion, no matter how bad he looks like, in their eyes you are like Adonis that descended from Mt. Olympus. Never combine loud colors together, it will be a pain in the eye. Learn to mix and match your clothing’s from colors to style i.e. consult some fashion magazine tips. Don’t give it a shot to impress women by wearing signature brands just to show off even though it doesn’t compliment you.

Plan your date well. Think of different activities that can surely excites the girl not just the usual fine dining in a restaurant. With this, it can give her second thoughts that you are the type of a guy who is worth dating for!

Know her likes and dislikes. To give you an idea what ambiance and food she enjoys the most. This is also to avoid monotonous situation and conversation.

Be humorous. Women love men who knows how to make them laugh out loud and can brighten up their day. Remember be sure to throw a clean and good sense of humor.

Speechless in her presence? Try one of these conversation starters.

Should we look for love or should we just wait for it?
This opener works if you happen to sit with her in a dead silence for a few minutes. In this way you can save her saliva from spoiling.

If you are struck in an island, what are the three things you should have?
While she mentally figures her list, you can tell her about your thoughts (e.g., “I, for one, would like to hold onto my favorite novel.) Keep her talking: After she have her list, let her explain her choices. This can give her an idea that you are a good conversationalist.

Drop some pick-up lines occasionally.
It will give her bones a tickle and a seventh heaven feeling. But don’t be exaggerated, too much of it is unbelievable.

Let her feel that she’s an extraordinary special in your date. Treat her not just a princess but a queen. You know, girls like to be pampered.

Pay the bills. To show that you’re a responsible kind of person however don’t expect for a return.

Act with confidence. Women adore men who are confident that can be their knight in shining armor to shield them when they’re vulnerable.


First Date Conversation Tips and Topics


First dates can give us jitters. It can make us tongue-tied or worst being mute! This would be terrible when you are acting like this whilst dating, this is not a good indication of having a second date. To keep conversation going you must have a prepared list in your mind, you might go blank when you face your date especially if he or she has a mesmerizing face. Avoid interview style of conversation, keep the conversation coming like you are chatting with your pals. Here are 10 goof proof topics to keep your date jabbering all night.

Personal preference
Ask about her or his much loved food, sports, hobbies, colors, music, movies, etc. This kind of questions will help your date to feel comfortable with you.

Most people love to travel either local or abroad. Ask your date about his or her last vacation trip e.g. Where did she/he go? or Who is with her/him. If your date is a townie, ask her or him about the place that she or he wants to go.

Friends and Family Members
Asking about these things will give you a good peak of the personality he or she possesses.

Future Plans or Ambitions
A chance to know if your date is a goal oriented or a happy go lucky person.

beach vacation

Ideal Partner to be
This is a good opportunity to know if you fit in the quality of your date’s ideal partner.

Asking situational questions
Most people love to give a piece of advice or views. In this way you will have a spontaneous conversation without spending any boring moments together.

Happiest Moment
A glimpse of your date’s significant event that happened in his or her life that he or she treasured a lot.

Current Events
If your date is of intellectual type, talk about the latest happenings around the world, in your place, in your country. Just make it to a point if you are going to express your idea, know what you are talking about. As not to put yourself in a total embarrassment. One more thing avoid issues that lead to intense arguments.

Do you like…?
Asking a personal interest of yours is one way to prove if you share the common ground.

Your childhood days
This is also an interesting topic to talk about. It helps you to take a closer look of how your date was when he or she is little. One way of understanding them better.

These foolproof conversation topics will surely give you a smooth and dead air free conversation. In addition, a possibility of having second dates to look forward!

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Dating and Marriage

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Dating and marriage are the best and beautiful part to build a stronger relationship with one another. In selecting a companion for life, dating would be one of the first stages to get to know each other and after that stage, the relationship will be taken to the highest level, which is marriage. It will likely end up to that stage when you share passionate feelings with one another. However, there are lots of factors that should be taken into consideration when you enter in a dating relationship and especially marriage. It is not like a honey that always tastes sweet. There is also a share of bitterness and heart breaking. Thus, it needs careful planning and thinking. Most movies, T.V. shows and stories of fiction writing usually end with a Cinderella ending. However, that is not the way it is because we are not living in a fairy tale era.

Married couple

Marriage is the union of man and woman as husband and wife, thus couple who wish to get married should value the sanctity of it likewise with dating. Because sparing your time to date with someone unknown or known to you is worthy of every precious moment of your life. It may be a turning point situation for your love life.

The dating or marriage relationship will be successful as long as no unselfishness will come in although problems or misunderstandings are likely a normal part in a relationship. To be really happy in a dating or marriage relationship one must value one another. In this way, it will also strengthen the bond that you invested for how many years.

No matter if we share dates or marriages with another race it does not stop from adding spice in our dull moments and bliss to our lonely heart. Cultural differences and skin colors should not be an issue if we want to find happiness in any way.

Tips On Making A Long Distance Relationship Work

relationship goals

In real life, long distance relationships may seem very hard to survive. The extra distance makes many things not achievable, however, there are some people who are more willing to give it a chance. Make real efforts for the relationship to last.

Communicate regularly by sending greetings, photos, short videos through emails, live chat in Skype, YM or Facebook will make the other person feel loved. Keep the flames burning by sending each other teasing texts and sexy puns. Stay honest with each other by talking about your feelings of insecurity, jealousy or fear. Couples in long distance relationships are more likely to worry about their partners cheating. When dealing with trust issues, remain focused on your relationship and the reason why you engaged romantically with your partner. If it’s love, fight for it.

Make a visit to his/her place is the highlight of every long distance relationship. You will finally get to meet each other and fulfill the things you haven’t made when you were apart like kissing, holding hands, etc. Make the most of any time spent together. Plan activities and enjoy the moment of being together.

Be clear with your romantic and professional goals with your partner, and continue to stay positive. The waiting time can be painful and lonesome but remind yourself that the fruits at the end will be sweet as heaven. Be thankful for the relationship, the love, good health and safety of each other.

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